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Accommodating Conscientious Objection in Contemporary Healthcare Policy

I am interested in the intersections of public policy, religion, and healthcare. For the past few years, I have studied at Georgetown University, a Catholic-Jesuit university located in Washington, D.C. For this reason, conversations about the appropriate role of religion … Continue reading

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From “Moral Imperative” to Fiscal Responsibility: Understanding President Obama’s Evolving Rhetoric Regarding Health Care Reform

Health is the foundation of well-being. Our good health, which so many of us take for granted, enables us to prosper. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. underscored this point in a 1966 speech to the medical committee for human rights … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Republican Party Ideology

The idea for my research topic developed through a discussion with a good friend in a coffee shop. We are both extremely interested in political science, and as we discussed political ideology, I realized how little I understood about the … Continue reading

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Teacher Cheating Scandals and Race to the Top Funding (2nd post)

When I first read over the summer about the unbelievable news that 176 teachers and principals in Atlanta, Georgia were being accused of cheating on state standardized exams, I immediately knew that I wanted to write my paper on this … Continue reading

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President Nixon and Childcare

The first five years of a child’s life have become an ideological battleground. American society emphasizes the developmental significance of early childhood experiences, seeing the first five years as critical in establishing personality, ideology, and values. Biological theories of a … Continue reading

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God in Red and Blue America: The Universal Appeal of Faith-Based Initiatives?

“I believe that change comes not from the top-down, but from the bottom-up, and few are closer to the people than our churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques. That’s why Washington needs to draw on them.” — George W. Bush Barack … Continue reading

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The Origins/Implications of the Diversity Lottery (Post II)

In my first post about my research topic, I discussed the impact of the Immigration Act of 1964 on the development of current American demographics and the electorate, with a particular emphasis on the rise in the Asian American population. … Continue reading

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Second Blog- Research dilemmas and the path to understanding.

By no means was I expecting the research aspect of my research paper to be a simple task. I was attempting to find material that would lead to a comparison between President Theodore Roosevelt and President George W. Bush in … Continue reading

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Disenfranchisement 2012: Felons Still Represent the Largest Disenfranchised Group in America

As election season continues to consume the national news cycle, there is increasing attention being paid to how voters have access to the polls. Voter ID laws and changes to early voting policies have stirred significant debate, and yet well … Continue reading

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Disaster Preparedness and Leadership Style in the United States and Japan

    Political leaders often find themselves facing one crisis or another, ranging from natural disasters to man-made crises such as terrorism and armed conflict. According to Roger Congleton of Gorge Mason University, a crisis has three salient characteristics: first, … Continue reading

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