Quantitative Analysis of the Legislative Presidency

Hello everyone! My name is Jordan Kearns, and I am a senior at Washington and Lee University studying Politics and Engineering. I am looking forward to meeting all of you at the fall conference.

As an Engineering major, I am a math minded individual, and I often find myself applying mathematical analyses in traditionally non-math areas. This is my goal for the CSPC paper. For my research project, I will be using a quantitative analysis to examine the development of the legislative presidency in the post-war era.

Political scientists have written extensively on the rise of the legislative presidency. Many of these works argue whether the legislative presidency has been a positive or negative development in American politics. But before we can effectively answer that question, I believe it is important to understand precisely how the institutions have changed over time. Here the literature on the legislative president has room for expansion.

For my formal research paper, I will present my data in a traditional academic fashion; however, I hope to summarize my findings through the Presidential Fellows blog in infographic style. While traditional methods of organizing data are more exact in their presentation, infographics have the advantage of conveying information quickly and can give a better sense of the overarching themes. Of course, I will also make the details of the methodology available to anyone interested.

Anyone who has feedback or who would just like to get in touch is welcome to email me at kearnsj14@mail.wlu.edu

Jordan Kearns

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