No Comment: How the Office of the White House Press Secretary Has Changed Since its Establishment.

Hello! My name is Davis Thompson, and I am a Political Science and Journalism major in my third year at Middle Tennessee State University. My CSPC paper will focus on examining and comparing the role of the various individuals who have served as the White House Press Secretary.

I first became interested in the press secretary when I discovered the West Wing in middle school and fell in love with CJ Cregg. Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to intern in the State Senate in Nashville and work on a daily basis with the Senate Press Secretary there. This opportunity only piqued my interest and I’m looking forward to exploring the roles of the White House Press Secretary in more detail.

            Each day, the White House press corps files into the pressroom and takes their assigned seat before bombarding the White House Press Secretary with questions. In an environment that is rife with tradition, yet laid-back at the same time, the press secretary will spend an hour or so defending the president and highlighting his accomplishments while managing to downplay his scandals and controversies. The role of the press secretary changes with each administration and the incorporation of new technologies.  From Dana Perino to George Stephanopoulos the individuals who have filled the office have each interpreted and performed their duties in a different manner. By using a case study method, I plan to compare the methods of various press secretaries across party and demographic lines.


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