The Elusive Goal of Achieving Health Care Reform

Hi Everyone.  My name is Greg Corwin and I’m a senior at Rollins College.  It has been difficult to ignore the debate over healthcare reform over the last four years, from the debate over passing the Affordable Care Act to the battle to overturn the act.  Health care reform has been particularly interesting for me since I’m a Political Science major and pre-med, planning on pursuing a career in medicine after college.

As I began to learn more about the U.S. healthcare system, I had difficulty understanding the resistance to change given the fact that our health care system trails most other industrialized countries in every measure other than cost.  However, the question that fascinated me was why President Obama was able to achieve success with health care reform when other presidents over the last 50 years had been unsuccessful.  The focus of my topic is to compare why President Obama was able to pass health reform, while President Clinton was not.  Additionally, I plan to look at the implications in the passage of the Affordable Care Act in terms of how policy in the U.S. is made.

One of the challenges is getting beyond the traditional analysis of health care reform.  Part of my research will involve consulting with health care policy experts involved in health care reform.  This will give me a better perspective on how the compromises made to achieve passage of the Affordable Care Act impact on the ability of the act to achieve the goal of true health care reform.

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