Integrating Agricultural Development in Central America- How the United States can Benefit from Improving Small-Scale Farmer’s Lives

Over this past summer, I spent six weeks in Ecuador and two years ago I spent a week in Honduras. The purpose of my trips was to study poverty and agriculture in the context of Latin America. While in Honduras, I worked with a community leader on building a farm school. My interest was sparked by how people who grow food could still be living in hunger. My paper focuses on shifting agricultural development and aid to Central America with a focus on Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala.

The United States receives a large amount of agricultural products from Central America. By implementing more agricultural development program aimed at small-scale farmers in Central America, the United States can benefit widely such as decreased illegal immigration, decreased prices of agricultural products during the winter season, and even decreased illegal drug trade. The role of Congress and the Presidency my paper is researching President’s views on foreign aid and why it has shifted away from a region so close to us. I will focus on Congress by creating recommendations that will increase aid to Central America while simultaneously giving major benefits to the United States.

I believe the hardest challenge will be finding research that directly ties into my paper. I believe I will have to use information from many sources such as briefs, World Development Indicators, public policy, as well as others to make my argument.

As mentioned before, I have travelled to Latin America and have seen some of the struggles they face with poverty and their governmental system. I believe coming in with an economic lens, I will have a fresh perspective on the issue. I think this topic is very exciting, because Central American agriculture is not widely talked about in United States politics. This topic will be a fresh look at how to help Central America as well as the United States with any conflicts between the two.

I am very excited for this upcoming year, and the opportunity to write this paper!

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