The International Consequences of the First Resignation of an American President

A few days ago, all the newspapers of the World published the news: the journalist, who cornered in an interview the first and only President in the history of the United States that had to resign, had just died. 

This fact reminded me of all the Watergate case and how important that period was for the Presidency and Congress’ History of the United States since for the first time a President had to leave office.

Richard Nixon’s term was also marked by the Vietnem War, The Yom Kippur War, the push of the SALT program and the coup d’état in Chile. 

Such important events will make my paper not just focus on a review of the facts but also try to analyze the international consequences that could result from it, the role that the Congress could play and the changes that it produced on the successive Presidencies that took place. 

In order to answer the research questions, I will carry out a review of past events and also of the interviews and statements that were made by the principal actors involved. An analysis of the legislation regarding the powers of the President and the Congress will follow by comparing them to those conferred/restricted afterwards. And, finally, dear fellows, all the comments, related links or papers regarding the issue that you could write, know or find will be welcome!

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