The Solution for Critical Infrastructure Repair

My research has been very focused on the current state of the nation’s critical infrastructure and I have been working diligently to offer a possible solution at the conclusion of my paper. A part of my research that I believe has been instrumental in helping me to come up with a solution has been centered on the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey. This system works very well for the area, the infrastructure is well maintained and the Port Authority is able to raise money via tolls. It is a quasi-governmental agency, as the board members are recommended by the Governor of each state and elected by the state senators.

Another possible solution that I have researched is completely privatizing roads, which was done in Chicago with the Skyway. This solution was also very successful in the Chicago area, as it allowed the government to focus money elsewhere, the roads are kept in better condition, and the agency responsible for the upkeep is able to generate revenue through tolls.

It is obvious and intuitive that Americans do not like having their taxes raised, and is therefore virtually impossible for any politician to recommend or support a bill that does it, even if it is what is necessary to improve the nation. That is why I am focusing my research on possible solutions that allow for taxes and tolls to be raised as necessary away from the governmental realm.

I am hesitant to recommend privatizing roads, highways, and tunnels in the United States because I realize that this would be a very unpopular solution to many different areas across the nation, as the responsibility for maintaining and repairing this aspect of critical infrastructure has almost always been the responsibility of the government. I also hesitate to recommend the quasi-governmental system that is operated for New York and New Jersey, as in many states it would just be one state that would need to take the responsibility for a majority of the roads, highways, bridges, and tunnels.

I have been continuing to do research on solutions that have been taken across the country and searching for the best approach that I believe will be the most implementable across the nation.

Stacia Sarwinski

Coast Guard Academy

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