Global Agricultural Development as a Tool for Improved U.S. National Security

Currently, I am serving as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Feed by Seed, a 501(c)3 registered non-profit organization that specializes in global agricultural education, development, and advocacy. I have been holding this position, while being a full-time student, since January of 2011. However, earlier this summer I was having a wonderful discussion with my father about the national security status of America. Our conversation, over the course of about an hour, shifted to how big of a role that expanded global agricultural development initiatives from the United States could play in improved U.S. national security.  We continued to talk for hours about agricultural developments potential effects in areas such as, but not limited to: global health and the prevention of the spread of disease, international conflict prevention, U.S. economic security, stronger U.S. international relations, and even the possible prevention of terrorism activities. While to some there may seem to be a lose connection between U.S. initiatives in global agriculture development/education to national security, I plan to explore those connections in detail within my paper and explain why this topic is more important that it is sometimes given credit for in todays political world.

Since there has not been a tremendous amount of work, or at least that I can find, on this particular topic (and sub-topics) I am expecting it to be somewhat difficult to find tangible information that directly relates to the subject of the paper, although I am sure some does exist.  I do also plan on using personal interviews as a key piece of my research. Through finding key individuals, organizations, and governmental agencies and their past experiences, I will be able to use that as a tool to further identify and analysis this topic as it relates to the Presidency and Congress. 

I see this paper as having the potential to display the importance of agencies/organizations like USDA, USAID, and even U.S. funded programs such as the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization, who invest in community building around the world. The potential that this paper could help influence individuals to reconsider international agricultural development cuts, even in a weak economy, is very encouraging to me! I look forward to getting deeper into research and hearing your thoughts about the topic. 

Austin Larrowe, Virginia Tech



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One Response to Global Agricultural Development as a Tool for Improved U.S. National Security

  1. Hi Austin—this sounds like a great topic! Very interesting, and very relevant. I spent much of the summer in sub-Saharan Africa and, based on what I saw there, I would wholeheartedly agree that global agricultural development and education could have a profoundly strengthening effect on US national security. Good luck with your research!

    By the way, awesome work with Feed by Seed! I spent some time on your website, and am very intrigued by the work you do. I’ll look forward to discussing it with you more in DC in November!

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