The relation between the coming election and media power

My focus of the study in US would be “examining the reasons why internet election or media politics could be successful in the United States and proposing possible solutions for the Japanese political system regarding internet services.” Since “internet politics” has received much attention in connection with the next presidential election in the United States, I would like to find out the significance of it.

Today, Internet system has taken such a big role in our daily lives, we collect the information, vote for candidates, discuss politics, communicate with other supporters, and interact with the government officials through Internet. Since I have had a great interest on the power of the Internet media, I have done some research on the influence that mass media or internet has on political power, elections, or the presidency in the United States and Asian countries like Japan, Korea, and China. The range of media power depends on the political system such as presidential government, parliamentary system of government, or dictatorship. In Korea, since No Muhyon (former South Korean President) had started to use social networking services in his campaign, the impact from mass media has been considered as important factor in looking at the political system. In Japan, due to the strict rules regarding of the internet in political elections or political activities, the Japanese political system has fallen behind the times in terms of internet politics. In the United States, President Barak Obama made great use of social networking services to collect small donations from great numbers of people and he won the election.

Now, since the next presidential election is coming, I have great interest in doing research at the local level and leaning the attitudes of the younger generation by having some interviews with them. Moreover, I have learned that it has been more common among US citizens to have an Internet account in order to get involved in politics. Therefore, I would like to do some research on the use of Internet media, such as blog, social networking services, or any other internet base resources regarding to taking part in your own communities in the United States. As well as the impact of media, I am also interested in the leadership building and community forming. I believe that internet politics or internet election will be able to give us a better and equal society, which does not rely on wealth or social status; it does on people’s voice and attitudes.

Noriko Amanuma    Waseda University, Tokyo Japan

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Waseda University, Tokyo Japan
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