Does Social Media Have Limits?

Since my time discussing my topic at the Conference in November I have done a great deal of research analyzing the effectiveness of Social Media in our current society and throughout politics.  It goes without question that there has been a major shift in the way that campaigning has been handled and at this current time in our history, Social Media is the main catalyst for such methods of campaigning.

The problem that I faced throughout my research was deciphering whether or not Social Media can be coupled with effective governance at both a legislative and executive level.  It is evident that when it comes to campaigning that the ability to interact with constituents through social media outlets is an easier task than when governing.  The question that I continued to ponder throughout my study was whether or not Social Media is too instantaneous for the traditional views of our Government System?

With Social Media it is very difficult to sift through the uncivil discourse that is very common on networking sites to get to substantive information.  With such aggregate inputs, it is extremely difficult for constituents to truly have their voices heard and taken seriously.  I have yet to see a case where there is major deliberation over a tweet or blog post.  Maybe it will come soon.  If our government wants to continue to throw around the notion that we are a representative democracy through and through, it will be necessary to include Social Media in our realm of governance.

This topic is still very exciting and each week it seems as if there is something that strengthens or weakens arguments that I have made in my research project.  As I continue to share my thoughts on various Social Media sites I understand that I am tweeting and blogging my way through history.

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