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Focusing in on Internal Policy Debates

Thirty states now operate nuclear power plants, and some fifty more states have requested assistance from the IAEA in starting their own programs. Various forecasts predict a new “nuclear renaissance” driven by Asian economic development and concerns about climate change. … Continue reading

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The Presidency and the Decline of Mass Movements

By the end of last semester I was completely burnt out. Having spent a large portion of the semester working on my thesis which was not at all related to the Presidency or American politics, it was initially very difficult … Continue reading

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Analyzing the effects of stock market performance on congressional election performance

The answer to the question of whether or not there is a so-called “Wall Street effect” of equity market performance on the electoral chances of incumbent House candidates has substantively important repercussions on various levels. Existing research studies have identified … Continue reading

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Executive Orders research

My paper originally started with the idea of examining executive orders that had been overturned in the court system and seeking to find some sort of pattern. I was also hoping that the courts would have created through their decisions, … Continue reading

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Does Social Media Have Limits?

Since my time discussing my topic at the Conference in November I have done a great deal of research analyzing the effectiveness of Social Media in our current society and throughout politics.  It goes without question that there has been … Continue reading

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Newt Gingrich, The Futuristic Historian

As I delved further into researching the Congressional Space Caucus of the 1980s, I found myself reading more and more about the early Congressional career of Newt Gingrich. This was to be expected as he was the primary founder of … Continue reading

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