Second Blog- Research dilemmas and the path to understanding.

By no means was I expecting the research aspect of my research paper to be a simple task. I was attempting to find material that would lead to a comparison between President Theodore Roosevelt and President George W. Bush in their environmental policy along with their impact on domestic environmental stewardship.

This certainly proved to be a daunting task, because it is widely known that President Roosevelt was a stanch supporter for environmental policy verse President George W. Bush whose administration had developed an environmental policy framed around battling the energy crisis with a disregard to the greater impact fossil fuels had on the environment. What made the fact-finding aspect of this paper difficult was that trying to illustrate a comparison proved to be a large obstacle.

What has really made the experience of researching fun and exhilarating was the fact that I was able to find some comparisons between the two. After a lot of time spent digging through essays and speeches from President Bush, I was able to find that President Bush did in fact have a truly positive impact on the environment that is not widely known by the American public. He set aside a massive federal ocean reserve covering an small chain of islands near the Hawaiian Islands, that would protect endangered species of aquatic life. President Bush created policies that severed to clean up the American environment from the pollution created by fossil fuels, such as, the Clear Skies Initiative, and the Healthy Forests Initiative.  Both were similar to the policies of President Roosevelt, which were based around ensuring that the health of the American environment would not be harmed during a time of industrial growth.

Those discoveries lead me to develop a new belief, one that I articulate within my paper. That is the fact that though Americans label President Bush as being “anti-environment”, though he did have many negative polices geared towards promoting fossil fuels for energy he seemed to have more environmental policies than American give him credit for. Though the largest discovery I found was that Vice President Dick Cheney influenced most of President Bush’s environmental policies. Which brought me to a new view I hold, and that is that though President Bush was no environmental hero like President Roosevelt, the majority of failures within the Bush administration geared around environmental policy were due to the impact Vice President Cheney had behind the scenes.


About ryanrmccann27

Current student at Trinity College, Hartford CT. Graduation year 2014. Majoring in History, with a minor in legal studies. My research topic is comparing the lack of environmental concern during the presidency of George W. Bush to that of Teddy Roosevelt and seeing where the disconnect happened. I am an member of the Trinity College swim team, a member of the honor council, class president, and a Residential Assistant for freshman. I am planning on pursuing a career path in either law or business.
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