US – Georgia Relations and the Bush Administration

          My research topic concerns the unique relationship that the United States has with the state of Georgia in the post 9/11 world, specifically why and how the Bush administration made the relationship such a priority.  While the United States and Georgia have had a relatively close relationship since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, partnership and cooperation between the two states only increased in the post-9/11 world between the Bush administration and the post-Rose Revolution Saakashvili administration.  Georgia became a strong ally in the US led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the US sought to aid in Georgia’s military modernization as well as democratization efforts.  However, there always was, and continues to be, a lot of uncertainty in the precarious situation between Russia and Georgia, and democratization reforms in Georgia have constantly fluctuated since its independence.

          I’m looking forward to talking with you all this interesting case in US foreign relations.  Furthermore, I hope to use this specific case to help start a discussion on the US’s provision of international aid.  Specifically, how should the President and Congress decide which allies receive how much economic, military, and political aid?  Furthermore, is it in the US’s best interest to continue to provide this aid to certain states with the uncertainty of how they will act or whether they will reform?  These are very important questions for policymakers to answer given the current situation in both global and domestic politics.        


About joshuapost1

I am a senior at the United States Military Academy and an International Relations Major. My research interests include U.S.-Georgia relations, the provision of US military aid to foreign countries, and the tension between religion and politics in the United States. Upon graduation I will serve as an Aviation Officer in the United States Army with the long term career goal of being a Foreign Area Officer. In my free time I'm a small group leader and outreach coordinator in the West Point Baptist Student Union, and I enjoy working out, hiking, travelling, and snowboarding.
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